The Corbett 100 project has created this frequently asked question brief before the next update to our plans.


Can I say up to date on social media with the project? 

Yes via Twitter. Our handle and link is @corbett_100

Where and when will the conferences happen?

In the United Kingdom and United States of America in 2022. We will have further details of these, including a call for papers closer to the time.

How do I get in contact with the project?

You can email us on the following address: corbett100 [at]

Will there be publications?

Yes, multiple.

Can I submit an essay for consideration to be included in the publication?

We will be announcing a call for papers for one of the publications in the near future. 

Corbett 100 coincides with other anniversaries such as Falklands 40, will relevant projects linked to topics such as seapower and naval warfare be included?

We can confirm Falklands 40 will be featured within Corbett 100. We will have an announcement on this in the near future.

Is Corbett 100 open to only the institutions mentioned and their respective staffs? 

No, our events aim to be open to an international attendee list and some will be open to public, academics and the military.